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Frida Kahlo.

The other woman in this photo is Chavela Vargas, an influential ranchera singer-songwriter. Though she didn’t “officially” come out as a lesbian until late in life, she was well-known for dressing in men’s clothing and not changing lyrics/pronouns when performing songs traditionally sung by men. She and Frida are alleged to have had a relationship. 

BDE (bisexual dick energy)

BDE (bisexual dick energy)

it’s what we all aspire to have


science side of tumblr explain: why are we bis…

science side of tumblr explain: why are we bisexuals obsessed with jeans

because… bi brain says they look good on everyone.. and i am a thirsty bi. it is simple you see


bi identity (bidentity)

bi identity (bidentity)

this anon has big dick energy




being unable to flirt with guys or girls is what bisexuality is all about folks

pride month may be over but will you ever see …

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(sorry for the tomcat spam recently) but here’s something my bi friend ( @onceuponapolyglot) said to me not that long ago and it deserves to be seen:

i think anon asking ab the tomcats and drags a…

i think anon asking ab the tomcats and drags and does are asking like do you need to be gnc in order to be (for example) tomcat.

yeah you do because those terms are by themselves- about being gender nonconforming




sapphicrevan replied to your post

“Is it common for bi women to feel this internal sense of androgyny…”

hi where does this idea come from that tomcat = androgynous and stag = masculine, that’s completely ignoring how these terms were coined. i am friends with the person who coined tomcat and i was one of the first people on this website who adopted it as a self-identifier. It was literally always meant to describe any form of gender non-conformity, masculinity and un-femininity in bi women who feel like their gender (presentation) is directly connected to their bisexuality. 

stag was coined entirely disconnected from that to describe broadly the same thing. there is no scale between tomcat and stag, they have different origins but apply to the same concept. i prefer tomcat so that’s what i use but not because i am more feminine than a stag lol

like tomcat is literally a MALE cat, come on 

(i’m referring to anon, not you, buck!) 

hey no it’s cool to bring up since I’m not sure where this split in definition came from, I’ve seen a bunch of people seemingly unrelated to each other ID as tomcat to mean more masculine-androgynous. while not accurate to the origin of the word, I thought it was interesting that some bi women seemed to independently identify with it as a description for the more blended/shifting way they experience their gender nonconformity.

i think it might be oversimplifying it to say, even by this other definition, “tomcat is androgynous, right between stag and doe”, because that’s not the impression I got off of people who used it that way, but I’m having trouble putting it to words rn. it’s like… masculine genderfluidity.

Are there terms like tomcat, stag, and doe for…

Are there terms like tomcat, stag, and doe for bisexual enbis and men?

i’m not sure? i know bi men who use terms like otter/twink/bear etc so perhaps it’s a mlm thing in general?