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do gnc people identify with they/them terms? sorry, i’m figuring myself out rn!

yeah! you can have any pronouns and identify as gnc


Can a nonbinary person be Bi too? (I'm still questioning myself for the past months and I think I might be nb)

ofc! i’m trans/nb and bi 😀


can gnc people identify as a she/her woman (for example)?

yeah ofc!


hey,,, rb if u too are a bisexual and love ice cream… a ilb (ice cream loving bisexual)

with being bi it can often feel like you’re being suffocated out of existence. like people don’t or won’t acknowledge your identity and think of you as straight and convince you it’s a phase. but you’ll find people who appreciate you as you are, and won’t hold shitty stereotypes against you. all i’m trying to say is, for anyone who’s in the closet or just figured out that they’re bi and find the notion of coming out terrifying – it get’s better.



Frida Kahlo.

The other woman in this photo is Chavela Vargas, an influential ranchera singer-songwriter. Though she didn’t “officially” come out as a lesbian until late in life, she was well-known for dressing in men’s clothing and not changing lyrics/pronouns when performing songs traditionally sung by men. She and Frida are alleged to have had a relationship. 

BDE (bisexual dick energy)

it’s what we all aspire to have


science side of tumblr explain: why are we bisexuals obsessed with jeans

because… bi brain says they look good on everyone.. and i am a thirsty bi. it is simple you see


bi identity (bidentity)

this anon has big dick energy



being unable to flirt with guys or girls is what bisexuality is all about folks