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If you’re questioning, whether that is wondering if you might be bisexual or if you think the bisexual label doesn’t fit you after all, please remember that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s okay to change labels, it’s okay to try out labels temporarily and see how you feel, and it’s absolutely not harming anyone. Figuring out who you are is a journey and nobody expects you to have it all figured out at once. 

Happy New Year.

As the year 2017 comes to a close, I’d like to thank all of you for being here on behalf of the team. Think about all the things that happen in a year: some things have been bad, but try to look back at all the positive things that have happened in the world, and to you, this year. It might be hard to see the small progresses you make as a person, but progress is progress and I’m so proud of you all for surviving this year. Imagine all the ways you can grow as a person in the coming year! We look forward to having you here with us. Thank you for being you, you beautiful human beings. 


Here’s another reminder that you’re not a less valid bisexual if you:

– have a preference for a different gender than your own

– only choose to act on attraction towards another gender than your own, whatever the reasons may be

– have a crush on/have a partner of a different gender than yours

You ARE ‘gay enough’. You AREN’T “just straight after all”, and you certainly AREN’T damaging other bisexuals. Your love is yours, you are bisexual, and that means you’re allowed to not only be proud of your same-gender attraction!


Your orientation is not measured by how many people you’ve kissed, dated or had sex with. It doesn’t matter what gender you’re attracted to most. What does define your orientation, is how YOU feel about it. Don’t compare yourself to others: remember, only you can know how your bi experience is.


Don’t forget that sexual/romantic orientation and gender identity can be different for everyone and that no two people experience being bi (for example) the same way. Don’t worry too much about fitting or not fitting a stereotype: just listen to how your experience is like, and you’re doing it right.


Being attracted to the same gender as yourself does not mean it’s the only valid part of your identity. A lot of biphobic thoughts around bisexuality make it seem as such, but please remember that ALL parts of your orientation is okay. You’re bi, and you’re allowed to be. You’re allowed to love whoever.


Don’t let anyone or anything make you think that being bi is something less worthy of being proud of than any other orientation. It’s not necessarily ‘easier’ to be bisexual than homosexual, for example. Bi people face much of the same, and also a very different, kind of discrimination, and you have all the reason to be proud of who you are.


Don’t let anyone tell you your orientation and/or gender identity isn’t real or doesn’t exist. An identity is something you feel and can’t be proved wrong or right. Other people might take a while to realize/learn that, if they’re even willing to; please remember that if someone continuously makes you feel horrible for being who you are, then they’re not good for your well-being. Please take care of yourselves.


Please don’t forget that all ways of being bisexual are acceptable. There truly is no right or wrong way to be bi: no matter who you like or how much, no matter who you have or haven’t dated, no matter if you act on your attraction to a specific gender only, whether you feel no sexual attraction at all or lots of it – you are just as bi.

Things to rememberYou’re allowed to identify as bi if you’re attracted to more than two…

Things to remember

You’re allowed to identify as bi if you’re attracted to more than two genders but don’t want to use another label.

It’s okay to identify as bi even if you have a strong preference for one gender.

You’re fine if you identify as bi even if you’re not completely sure who you are yet and just want to try it out for a bit.

You can be bi without ever having dated anyone.