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I just answered this ask, I think it might help you.

continuation off of my last ask thingy… i just don’t know why i feel like I’m lying to myself. i know i like girls and guys. i know its okay to. what the fuck is wrong with me? sorry, just felt like ranting, I’m just not really sure what is going on with me. this blog has helped me quite a bit, so thank you for posting and stuff lol. th

This is probably internalised biphobia. All of these thoughts are. My hints & tips for dealing with it, is:

1. When you catch yourself thinking one of these things, counteract it with a statement. 

E.g. You think “I’m bi for attention”, counteract it with “Why would I go through all the trouble of coming out, the backlash and biphobia, why would anyone want to deal with this pain for attention I could have gotten from changing my hairstyle or something much much easier?”

You think “I don’t mean it when I think a girl is attractive”, say “What STRAIGHT person thinks about girls this much? What straight person has to CONVINCE themself they’re not into girls?”

When you worry that finding guys attractive and dating them will make people think you look less bi, see here. And remind yourself bi MEANS multiple genders. You’re perfectly allowed to like and show interest in more than one gender, because you’re bi, not gay.

2. Follow bi affirmation and positivity blogs

3. Vent to a friend and get support and affirmation from them that you’re Really bi…preferably another bi friend.

Internalised biphobia. Bi definitely does NOT imply equal attraction or no preferences, equal attraction as a bi person is in fact rare, and you can say “Bi with a preference for women” to cover it.

Mod applications are open.

Provide the name you’d like to use, pronouns if you wish, age, any relevant identities (orientation/gender etc), any previous experience and why you want to mod.

I will also NOT accept any of the following:

-Biphobes (well…DUH. If you’re working on some internalised biphobia still but recognise it for what it is, you’re fine of course! I just mean people who are actively biphobic n such)

-Aphobia (discrimination against aces/aros)

-Transphobia/T£RFs and exorsexists (discrimination against NB people)

-Racists, anti-semitics/islamophobes…anything along those lines.

I’m looking for 2-3 mods.

Bi people with preferences for one gender/find themself attracted to one gender more than others are legitimately bi and NOT “secretly gay”! No matter if their preferences are super strong!

I really really really love hot chocolate fudge cake for desert! I get it almost every time. But on occassion, I’ll fancy profiteroles. Does the fact I usually prefer hot chocolate fudge cake make my liking for profiteroles invalid, fake? Obviously not, because you can have favourites whilst still liking other things!

You can have a favourite desert but still like other deserts, and you can have a favourite gender but still like other genders!

Many of these questions could be answered by reading our affirmations (check the bi affirmation tag!!!)

I can’t count the number of questions about:
Am I bi if I have a preference/attracted to more X gender than X gender/like one gender sexually but another romanticly

The answer is YES and it can be found in the #bi affirmation tag!!!

The reason why I’m posting this is because this blog wasn’t intended as question-and-answer blog, simply for posting affirmations. I don’t mind answering questions…IF they’re not already answered by an affirmation.

So please check the tag. Check the FAQ. And I will no longer answer questions I consider already answered previously by the FAQ or affirmation tag. So if your question wasn’t answered, that’s why.

You can also request specific affirmation posts!

It means you’re bi

(Why do so so so many people think having preferences/liking one gender more makes being bi invalid? Come on guys, we all know that’s utter bullshit.)

you can just type FAQ if you’re on browser after the address, or follow that link. I’ll try and figure out a way for mobile users to access it easier though.


I’m a nonbinary lesbian, and I made this blog because I feel like nonbinary sapphics are often seen as ‘basically binary women’ and don’t get all the positivity they deserve and because non-aligned nonbinary people loving women definitely need more love and positivity posts.
So this blog is for general sapphic and nonbinary positivity, and especially for positivity for nonbinary people loving women (nblw) and nonbinary sapphics.
(I would be really happy if someone promo’ed me!)

Useful to nb bi folk! You don’t have to ID as sapphic/wlw either, just gotta be NB and love women.

I don’t think bi boys suffer More prejudice (like the case of your friend was a unique case and most bi girls I know have suffered from the whole You’re Actually Straight And Deceiving yourself), and I don’t think it’s helpful to try and find Who Has It Worse either. I just think the kind of prejudice bi boys face is Different to the kind girls face. They tend to get more people assuming they’re gay whereas most people seem to assume bi girls are straight and doing it for male attention. However both groups get accusations of cheating, going through a phase and eventually turning out gay or straight, being promiscious, being bullied but misogyny and biphobia intersect to affect girls in different ways too.

So no, not more necessarily, but definitely have some distinctive experiences that bi boys face more often…but there are distinctive experiences that bi girls face more often too. I think it’s worthwhile talking more about the biphobia bi boys face though, since tumblr is a lot more bi women centric when it comes to discussing biphobia (probably due to T\//\//ERFism and the “lesbian seperatism” movement which again have T\//\//ERF links) whereas the gay community always has had biphobia against bi men, but didn’t quite have the seperation that lesbians and bi women had. (fucking T\//\//ERFs ruin all yet again)