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hey guys, my friend @qirmezi‘s been going through a bit of a tough time. and could you guys show some bi-lesbian solidarity and send them some nice asks? thank you <3


When you can’t decide between hair dyes. So you Bi both!


omg this is brilliant

-mod mino

hi! we have a lot of asks rn, so we’ll be closing the ask box for a bit so that we can answer all of them

-mod mino

hey guys! we’re going to be cleaning out most asks, if not all of them. so any asks you’ve sent will probably be deleted. feel free to send more after we’re done cleaning!

-mod mino

Despite what you might have heard, bisexual people are real!





Tumblr: *rolls out “best stuff first”*

My blog:

on the one hand this is a joke post because lol i have never made a good post in my life, but also, if i hadn’t made the connection

between this update and my sudden nosedive in activity, i would have been really fucking discouraged about all the shit i’ve been working on lately. i guarantee there are people on tumblr right now who haven’t made that connection, and who are trying to figure out why suddenly no one likes anything they’ve made. and that fucking sucks.

Reminder to go into your settings and turn off ‘Best Stuff First’ because my activity’s tanked a couple days ago for no reason so this stuff IS happening.

You WILL miss content with that setting on.

i ain’t joking when i say that my activity looks JUST like this too and i wasn’t sure why

Hey everyone! This is not an affirmation, but it is an important message that needs to be spread around!

Thank you all for the wonderful and overwhelming support for our blog so far! Myself, Mod Ross and our newer and delightful Mod Elena love all of you and wanted to celebrate the occasion, and we all encourage you to use the tag…


This will be for anyone and everyone who follows and would like to post a selfie showing your pride in yourself and others! All we ask is that you don’t post anything NSFW in the tag, or harass those who post in it 🙂

The mods may also be poking around the tag with our own selfies, so look out for us!

Enjoy your days, and thank you for helping us reach this incredible milestone! Here’s to the next one!

We’re ALREADY at 2000 followers?! I suppose this is as good a time as any to thank you for the overwhelming support on this blog! We couldn’t have reached this point if it wasn’t for each and every one of you so… Thank you again!!

I had better start thinking of something to celebrate, huh?