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I don’t think bi boys suffer More prejudice (like the case of your friend was a unique case and most bi girls I know have suffered from the whole You’re Actually Straight And Deceiving yourself), and I don’t think it’s helpful to try and find Who Has It Worse either. I just think the kind of prejudice bi boys face is Different to the kind girls face. They tend to get more people assuming they’re gay whereas most people seem to assume bi girls are straight and doing it for male attention. However both groups get accusations of cheating, going through a phase and eventually turning out gay or straight, being promiscious, being bullied but misogyny and biphobia intersect to affect girls in different ways too.

So no, not more necessarily, but definitely have some distinctive experiences that bi boys face more often…but there are distinctive experiences that bi girls face more often too. I think it’s worthwhile talking more about the biphobia bi boys face though, since tumblr is a lot more bi women centric when it comes to discussing biphobia (probably due to T\//\//ERFism and the “lesbian seperatism” movement which again have T\//\//ERF links) whereas the gay community always has had biphobia against bi men, but didn’t quite have the seperation that lesbians and bi women had. (fucking T\//\//ERFs ruin all yet again)