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u r not guilty 4 being bisexual. bisexuality isnt wrong. bisexuality is not a moral flaw. bisexuality is not less righteous than any other sexuality. bisexuality is good n okay.


Bisexual pride tulips

What do you all think of the bi lesbian term/ identity?

I think it’s great that there’s people who have found a way to describe their sexuality in a way that feels right and precise to them and I don’t think it is anyone’s business to debate, invalidate or police that.

In other words: if someone wants to call themselves a bi lesbian then they are a bi lesbian.

There’s plenty of reasons why someone might choose to use both labels and they don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why they identify that way. Their existence doesn’t take anything away from people who
exclusively identify as lesbian OR bisexual.

There’s literally no harm done, despite what some scaremongering gatekeepers (and biphobes) might be saying.

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Drawing of Poppy Flowers coloured in the Pink Purple & Blue of the Bisexual+ Pride Flag


“Why do you need to use terms like monosexism? Stop being so divisive!”

Translation: Bi people using their own terms to describe their own experiences is divisive and bad. Anything that suggests that bi people’s experiences are different from gay people’s are terrible. Don’t you know that unity involves completely ignoring your own issues if they don’t include us?


This happens a lot. I also heard binary trans people saying this kind of stuff.

Image: Four panel hand drawn colour cartoon; Dramatis personae: light-skinned male-appearing person with short brown hair. They are dressed in a long-sleeved pink top decorated with the Rainbow Pride Flag.

Panel 1: almost in tears with hands clutched to chest “LGBTQIABCXYZ#… – Do we really need all those Labels?!“
Panel 2: one hand on hip gesturing dramatically w the other “Aren’t we all human? Why so we always need to find ways to divide?“
Panel 3: arms raised above head, eye wide, yelling “Society won’t accept us if we keep coming up with new identities other than mine!“
Panel 4: calm arms behind back, serious professorial mien “Even LGBT is a bit complex – We should just say “G” – My identity is simpler, give yours up please.“

Happy New Year 2020

Freddie Mercury: INCREDIBLE thing Queen legend told Mary Austin when he revealed sexuality:

Maybe it’s not so much that Bi Guys don’t Come Out. Perhaps it’s more that no one listens when they do. Maybe it’s just that after a while  Bi Men stop trying and eventually shut up —

Recalling the eventual conversation in which he [ed note: Mary Austin’s then fiance, the late rock-star Freddie Mercury] told her he was bisexual, she told the Daily Mail in 2013: “I’ll never forget that moment. Being a bit naive, it had taken me a while to realise the truth.”

“Afterwards he felt good about having finally told me he was bisexual,” she added. “Although I do remember saying to him at the time, ‘No Freddie, I don’t think you are bisexual. I think you are gay.’”


[Image: A richly dressed smiling woman with her arms outstretched, welcomes everyone to a table ladened with the traditional foods and symbols of the holiday including a decorative table covering (Mkeka); corn, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and other crops

(Mahindi); a unity cup (Kikombe cha Umoja); the candle holder (the Kinara) with seven candles –

three green candles on the left, a

black candle in the middle, and three red candles on the right (Mishumaa Saba); gifts + presents especially for the children as well as friends and family (Zawadi).]

Happy Kwanzaa (Kwanzaa yenu iwe na heri) Habari gani? (What’s the News?)

  • 26 December – Umoja (Unity)
  • 27 December – Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)
  • 28 December – Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility)
  • 29 December – Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)
  • 30 December – Nia (Purpose)
  • 31 December – Kuumba (Creativity)
  • 1 January – Imani (Faith) 

From our home to yours, wishing you

Hanukkah Sameach! (Happy

Hanukkah) with our Menora complete with our Pink Purple and Blue Bisexual+ Pride Coloured Candles.