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The Kids Are Alright!

There are some school kids on the table next to us in McDonald’s practicing their friend’s new ‘they/them’ pronouns.

“If we practice now then think how happy they’ll be on Monday at school.”

My heart. 💗


hey,,, rb if u too are a bisexual and love ice cream… a ilb (ice cream loving bisexual)

my heart goes out to religious bisexuals- and not just christians. to bi muslims and jewish people. to the hindus and buddhists. whether you’re comfortable with your religion, or struggling with it, it’s so unfair how the lgbt community erases us. being bisexual and religious are not two opposite, conflicting sides. we’re beautiful and we’ve existed for centuries to come, and will do so because existing in a word where we’re told we can’t, is revolutionary 

Reblog if you’re gay, ply, pan or non-straight, and love your bi siblings.

Show bi people that they’re loved and wanted in the community too.

LGBT PRIDE MONTH, lgbt pride, bisexual pride, bisexual women pride!

June is national lgbt month, it’s for all lgbt+ community, as well as who support LGBT, no matter you are gay, lesbian, bisexual women, bisexual men, trans, pansexual, asexual, queer, and other lgbtqia+, we are pride!@bisexual threesome dating 

Trump is not celebrating June as “LGBT Pride Month”, but we will celebrate ourselves, because we are all LGBT and we are all SUPPORT LGBT COMMUNITY.

“Queer theorists spoke of disrupting binaries such as male/female and hetero/homo, but the fact that bisexuals’ lived experience of gender disrupts both of those binaries never seemed to even enter the conversation.”

Professor Dawne Moon PhD excerpt from How Queerness Erased Bisexuality published 15 October 2016

Lesbian and Proud, Gay and Proud, Bisexual Proud, Trans and Proud, Queer and Proud, Pansexual and Proud, LGBT and Proud.(@Threesome Dating)