Category: safe spaces


Safe spaces, however they come, are invaluable. I am a 25yr old practising Christian. From a very young age I was aware that I was attracted to all genders, and I have loved both men and women, though only ever dated men. 

As a practising Christian I feel that it took me a lot longer than it may otherwise have for me to come to terms with my sexuality and I have only come out in the last month. In the Christian society marriage is often seen as the only appropriate vision of true love, and in the same breath many Christian organisations condemn (or simply don’t support) same-sex relationships. I love my faith, it is a huge part of who I am. As is the connection, companionship and support I find within my Church. But I do not feel safe in sharing myself fully with them. On occasion I have tried to bring same-sex relationships into conversations with my fellowship group but the general consensus is not to talk about the issue until it becomes an issue. 

I have come to realise that having a space where all of life is discussed, or up for discussion….where no topic is condemned, banned, frowned upon or felt to be inappropriate…this kind of space is VITAL for young people. In fact, for everyone.  There is nothing to be gained from hiding the truth or avoiding so-called “difficult” topics such as sexuality, gender variation, love, sex, pornography, body image.

So bring on the safe spaces…lets respect one another, our choices, our lifestyles….we are all human.