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The Social Distancing Patch & Pin Set

For 2020, you want to keep people at bay? Look no more! With this new patch and pin set by French Canadian artist Sophie Labelle, you’re sure to keep haters at least 2 meters of distance away. (Side effect might be to make new queer and trans friends).

Patches and pins also sold separately on the shop!

Includes :

Glow-in-the-dark trans symbol iron-on patch;

I don’t care if you’re from California, dude isn’t gender-neutral iron-on patch;

Life sucks sometimes but at least I’m not straight iron-on patch;

Gaaaaaay glittery metallic pin.

Trans mushrooms and leaves glittery metallic pin.


respect bi and lesbian trans women or else ⚔️

Being non-binary/trans or dating a non-binary/trans person doesn’t mean you’re “actually pan” now. Bi means 2 or more genders, and that includes trans people, and may include non-binary people.

If you feel bi best describes you and is the label you’re most comfortable with, then you’re bi. Don’t let others define your identity.