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Give Us Roses While We’re Still Here
Transgender Day of Remembrance // Nov. 20th

This is just a poster I made the other day. I love all of my trans family, and I hope you take the day for remembrance & self care. 


Morn the Dead and Fight Like Hell For the Living
Transgender Day of Remembrance
this is why we are so fucking angry

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance 2016. We remember. We will not forget. We will ally, flank and do whatever it takes to stand with trans folks, including the many bisexual+ trans people in the U.S. who face increased anti bisexual+ and anti transgender sentiments but still keep living, thriving and working to help us all b free.

In the name of the so many who came before, I send prayers up in the memory of Sylvia Rivera, trans bi+ Latinx icon FOR ALL transgender, nonbinary and gender nonconforming people in the world.

I hope that they, and my own beautiful nonbinary child, experience every day in the love they deserve.

I pray that the times the T in LGBT experience hatred or discomfort become rare, but *when* it does happen that trans people are quickly be surrounded in love and in light, with an explicitly anti-racist and a delightfully pro trans soft place to heal.

I pray as well that more and more cisgender people begin to celebrate the awesomeness of trans and nonbinary experience, for we should be a more grateful people to so often be blessed with bravery beyond measure.

I, and my family, personally pledge to more frequently open my home, heart and wallet to ensure that safety under the rule of the D.

I extend my thanks to all the trans allies of bisexual+ people, including bi+ trans folks who work without cease to see themselves authentically represented in the LGBTQIA movement. There would be too many names to list if BiNet USA were to call out all the trans leaders who have consistently stood bi us or with us, sometimes because they are us too and sometimes because they will do whatever it takes to ally us. Hayden L Mora Monica Roberts Bamby Salcedo Lourdes Ashley Hunter Diego Miguel Sanchez Apr Cecilia C ChungBrynn Tannehill Scout Kylar Broadus Kris Hayashi Masen Davis
blessings to you!

As well, BIG BI HUGS, major thanks and BI+ Blessings to the many bi+ trans leaders in the bisexual+ movement like Julia Serano Andrea Jenkins Kayley Margarite Whalen Zeam Porter Bryan John Ellicott Aud Traher Martin Rawlings-Fein Tara Madison Avery Colleen Elizabeth McTigue Andy EyeAlex Iantaffi Sonya Saturday and the most recently honored by the QUEEN OF ENGLAND Jen Yockney MBE.

I hope you all, including those unnamed, find yourself surrounded with more work that uplifts every intersection of your being, and that you get to laugh and live in love every day of your life. You deserve to.

Thank you for blessing my life both personally and professionally, and I pray that the bi+ community is more frequently seen at your side in pride.  ~~ Faith Cheltenham, President BiNet USA

That’s my personal prayer this Transgender Day of Remembrance. What’s yours?

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